Feeling called to come to the frontlines? Join our new ministry, Deployment

Deployment is not just about action in the community, it’s a mindset of being theologically and apologetically equipped against the worldly schemes of the enemy. It’s about being raised up for facing the enemy head on, relying on God as our strength, and being the bold and courageous men that God calls us to be.


We believe that God calls us not just to be comfortable Christians, but to engage the world for Christ. Our bootcamp meetings equip the participant to become an imposing weapon of God that goes into the community to share the truth of the gospel, the best news there is, with love, grace, and respect.

We train our participants a variety of ways how to share the gospel, equip them to formulate their Salvation Story, and engage a variety of different worldviews with the truth of Scripture to develop formidable defenses against the schemes of the enemy. Then, we go out into the community with the motive love, being the tools equipped for planting seeds, proclaiming the gospel, and engaging all false worldviews.

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