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“But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” 1 Timothy 1:5

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Sunday School Curriculum for            November 182018

***Due to the summer break, the curriculum is behind so holiday lessons will not fall on their correct dates.


Bible Passage:  Acts 24:22-27; 25:1-14; 26:24-32
Main Point:  Paul preached about Jesus to rulers.

Key Passage:  Philippians 1:21

Big Picture Question:  When should we tell others about Jesus?  We should tell about Jesus all the time.

In this week’s Bible account, Paul was not able to preach about Jesus to large crowds of people, but that didn’t stop him from sharing the good news.  Paul told all kinds of people about Jesus.  He told everyone – even kings- that only Jesus has the power to save people from sin.

Christ Connection:  God chose Paul to tell all kinds of people – even kings! – about Jesus.  Even when people were against him, Paul did not stop.  He wanted everyone to believe that Jesus is Lord.  Paul believed Jesus has the power to save people from sin, and he was willing to do anything to share this good news.

Family Activity:  

  • Pray as a family for local and national leaders.  Pray for those who do not believe to turn from sin and be saved.  Pray that they would lead in a way that glorifies and honors the Lord.
  • Make a “We are praying for you!” card to send to a leader.

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