“Jesus Calling” Women’s Bible Study


    Kathy Woods

    Hello, I am new here and would you like to become involved in a Bible study. Can you explain the difference between the two women’s studies? Kathy


    Right now the Jesus Calling Study is on break for the summer. I apologize for not updating that here. This should resume in the fall. This particular study does a different book/video each time, so it changes topics/themes about every 6-8 weeks. The Precept Study that takes place on Mondays is an in-depth study of a particular book or theme of the Bible and is very discussion oriented with homework that is completed each week. You are welcome to come to the Precept Study this summer and see what you think. I’ll edit the Jesus Calling Study to note that it’s on break, but once that one is ready to resume I will update that with the correct information and start times.

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