Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts

God created us to be creative, in His image. Just as He used these gifts & talents in the making of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament ( Ex. 31:1-11), He still uses them today.  He has gifted us & we can use that creativity as an artistic offering to Him.  There are many forms: from Drama; the writing, acting, set making, etc…; to the Visual Arts of painting, sculpting, drawing & the like, to Dance; from the choreography & signing to the dancing.  All can be used for God & His glory.


(Please credit the author(s) when using any of the below material.  Thank you!)

TARAH (Christmas Radio Drama Script)

The Sand and the Rock (Monologue Script)

“The Big Robbery” Easter Radio Drama

“Angel Extraordinaire” Radio Drama

“Witness His Majesty” Christmas Play 2021