Thank you Mother

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    Debbie Terech

    I am somewhat without words…I was looking on my computer to see if there was an ‘Alliance’ Church in Mesquite. I ended up clicking on the website for my church, ‘Evanston Alliance Church’. To my gloriously happy surprise, I saw where Pastor Marc’s sermons are online! I missed last week’s sermon for Mother’s Day because we were out of town. I just now was able to hear Pastor Marc’s beautiful sermon. Mother’s Day is difficult for me. ‘Difficult’ does not come close to describing the heartfelt pain that a mother bears when both her children have been called Home. But I have just been reminded through Pastor Marc’s sermon….God sees me. As Pastor Marc said, “As a mother watches her children, God watches us”. As I am praying with all my heart today for my own mother, who was taken into the hospital from her Assisted Living residence, just this morning while I was at Church, I don’t feel quite as alone right now. God is with me, my children are with me, and my dear dad is ready to take mom by the hand and bring her Home to be with God and with him. If this should be God’s will, then it shall be done. My parents were married 65 years when we lost dad. Pastor Marc’s remarks were like looking into a mirror. I feel blessed to have God’s mercy and love. Through my Church, I know there are many that truly care and have love for me. My cup runneth over.

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