What to Expect

What to Expect

Below are answers to some questions you might have about our worship service and what to expect when you walk through the doors.

⬇️ What time does the worship service start?

10:30am, but we also have adult and children’s Sunday School at 9:30am

⬇️ How long does the worship service last?

About 1.5 hours

⬇️ What should I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable with. On a typical Sunday you will see everything from suit/tie to jeans/t-shirts to dresses to leggings/long shirts.

⬇️ Is childcare available?

Yes! We have toddler nursery (ages 1-3) that runs the full service and children’s church that dismisses after the offertory. For more info, check out our children’s ministry page.

⬇️ What type of worship music should I expect to hear?

We play lots of hymns and older music, and we also play music from the 00’s and some contemporary songs.